Are You Being Called?

  • Are you looking for deeper meaning in your life?
  • Are you sensitive to the needs of others, seeking to help them, affirm them and challenge them to holiness?
  • Are you "people" oriented and attracted to groups which respond to human needs? Do you enjoy being with people, meeting new people, and working with others? Can you also appreciate solitude?
  • Are you capable of taking initiative and making decisions? Are you responsible enough for leadership roles? Are you a creative, resourceful person?
  • Is prayer important to you? Are you involved in your local parish, Newman Center or Catholic community? Are you engaged in service to those less fortunate? Are you comfortable working within the Church?

If you are able to say yes to the above questions, you may have a vocation as a Glenmary priest or brother who can eventually use your gifts to serve those living in the home missions.


Want to begin a journey of a lifetime? Take the first step today by contacting Glenmary's vocation office.