Doing Godís Work in Mission Land, USA

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Glenmary Home Missioners, which celebrated its 75th anniversary in 2014, is a Catholic society of priests and brothers who, along with coworkers, are dedicated to establishing a Catholic presence in rural areas and small towns of the United States where the Catholic Church is not yet effectively present.

Inspired by the vision of society founder Father William Howard Bishop, Glenmary missioners and lay coworkers strive to:

  • serve the spiritual and material needs of those living in some of the most impoverished counties in the South and Appalachia;
  • proclaim and witness to the Good News of Jesus Christ and the power of God's love, mercy and justice.
  • Special reunion week for alumni starts February 6
  • The journeys of two missions (part 1).
  • Glenmary's presence makes a difference in rural America
  • The racial divide.

Statement: Racism

Glenmary Home Missioners issued a "Statement on Racism" during its 16th General Chapter gathering in June 2015.
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Winter Challenge Features

In the Winter 2015 Glenmary Challenge, the cover story focuses on the first segment of a two-part piece entitled "The Journeys of Two Missions." And in the feature story—building on Glenmary's "Statement on Racism"—a missioner examines racism in our culture and in mission areas, and explores the path of prayer, dialogue and conversion.
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