Glenmary Launches Crowd-Funding Effort to Build 'Tiny Houses'

Posted: 8/18/2016


GRAINGER COUNTY, Tenn.—The Glenmary Home Missioners' Group Volunteer Program site in East Tennessee has accommodations for about 20 volunteers. A new crowd-funding effort launched Aug. 10 is designed to raise funds for construction of four "tiny houses" that will expand the capacity to 40.

Glenmary hopes to raise $30,000 in three months through its page on the crowd-funding website The program site is located on Joppa Mountain in Grainger County, Tenn., which has been fondly nicknamed "Toppa Joppa."

The four "tiny houses" planned will be of varying construction. One 14- by 30-foot structure will be "off the grid," using solar power and a compost toilet. The three others will have electricity and running water, with two measuring 14 by 30 feet and one measuring 12 by 28 feet. By building houses with different features, Glenmary will introduce the volunteers to various environmentally friendly options.

Since 1971, the Glenmary Group Volunteer Program has welcomed more than 20,000 volunteers from across the United States to the home missions for a week of missionary service. The goals of the program are teaching young volunteers to serve others first and find Christ in others and connecting those young people with God.

During their mission trips, groups serve the local community by working in the food pantries, visiting nursing homes and making repairs on the homes of low-income residents. Volunteers also learn about the rich culture and traditions present in the Appalachian regions where they serve. In addition, they gain a better understanding of the causes of poverty, oppression and injustice—and how their life choices can impact these issues.

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Glenmary is a society of Catholic priests and brothers who, along with coworkers, establish the Catholic Church in rural regions of the United States.