The goal of the Glenmary Formation Program is to prepare dedicated Christian men to serve effectively as Glenmary Home Missioner priests and brothers and to live lives giving public witness to the evangelical counsels of poverty, chastity, obedience and prayer. Throughout the formation process, each man has the opportunity for spiritual, intellectual, psychological, physical, emotional, and professional growth according to his potential.

Prenovitiate Program

The prenovitiate program provides candidates:
  • an introduction to Glenmary ideals, values, and way of life;
  • an atmosphere where the candidate can discern whether God is calling him to this way of life;
  • an atmosphere in which the candidate can grow in intimacy with God as well as in personal maturity.

The pre-novitiate is generally a year in length, but may vary according to the academic and personal growth needs of the individual candidate.


The novitiate provides an opportunity for:
  • personal growth in virtue based on individual needs;
  • theoretical consideration of spiritual theology;
  • consideration of Glenmary goals, history, and structure;
  • time and guidance for reflection and evaluation of Glenmary and the candidate as a potential member.

The length of the novitiate is at least 10 months. Typically, a candidate is eligible for admission to the novitiate after completing Glenmary's prenovitiate program.

Advanced Formation

The advanced formation program, both for brothers and seminarians, continues:
  • the development of the individual's spirituality, prayer life, and commitment to the Society and its missionary apostolate;
  • the individual's academic, professional, and pastoral training for the Glenmary missionary apostolate;
  • the individual's growth in personal maturity.

This stage of formation lasts from the end of the novitiate and First Oath in the Society until the Final Oath.

All formation efforts are centered on the Gospel, are grounded in Sacred Scripture and Catholic tradition and are oriented toward authentic Christian values.

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