Glenmary News

September 2012

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  • Who Inspires You? Whom Will You Inspire?
    Posted: 9/8/2012
    Inspiration is a gift of the Holy Spirit that often comes to us through the actions and words of those around us. Where do you find your inspiration? And how do you bring forth the presence of the Spirit in yourself to inspire others? The best way for God to shine through you might be as a member of Glenmary.
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  • Eastern Kentucky Mission Reaches Out to Others
    Eastern Kentucky Mission Reaches Out to Others

    Posted: 9/5/2012
    In a poor, minimum-wage region of Eastern Kentucky, Glenmary's Grayson mission is known for its welcoming spirit and outreach to others. And for each of the last several years, some people in the area have chosen to convert to the Catholic faith and become part of this community.
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