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February 2012

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  • Why Fast and Abstain During Lent?
    Posted: 2/17/2012
    Lent is almost upon us, and so it is again time to ask these questions: Why do we have to fast and abstain during this season? And what in the world do fasting and abstinence have to do with vocations?
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  • Passion for the Faith...and a Home Mission Vocation
    Passion for the Faith...and a Home Mission Vocation

    Posted: 2/16/2012
    The vocation story of Father Rollie Hautz, 84, dates back to childhood, when he realized he wanted to be a priest. Then in high school, he read about Glenmary mission work. After his 1944 interview with Glenmary founder Father William Howard Bishop, Rollie knew Glenmary was where God was calling him to be. He is still a mission pastor!
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  • Investigation Launched Following Allegation
    Posted: 2/15/2012
    Glenmary has launched an investigation after a allegation of sexual misconduct was received from a third party against Glenmary Father Bob Poandl. Father Poandl, who denies the allegation, has been relieved of his pastoral assignment. He and Glenmary are fully cooperating with the investigation.
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  • Mountaintop Removal Protested in Kentucky
    Mountaintop Removal Protested in Kentucky

    Posted: 2/14/2012
    On Tuesday, Feb. 14, an estimated 1,300 people gathered in Frankfort, Ky., for "I Love Mountains Day," an annual event sponsored by Kentuckians for the Commonwealth to protest mountaintop removal mining. Glenmary Father John Rausch, director of the Catholic Committee of Appalachia, was among those who attended and spoke at the rally.
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  • Vanceburg View: The Latest News from the Glenmary Farm
    Posted: 2/7/2012
    Joe Grosek, the director of Glenmary's volunteer program based in Vanceburg, Ky., gives an update on the latest happenings at the Farm and in the greater Lewis County area.
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  • Brother Joins Rebuilding Effort After 2011 Tornado
    Brother Joins Rebuilding Effort After 2011 Tornado

    Posted: 2/4/2012
    In Bertie County, N.C., Brother Virgil Siefker is helping build new homes, and rebuild lives, for people in need whose former homes were destroyed by an April 2011 tornado. In the process, he's also quietly witnessing as a Catholic brother.
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  • Thankful Convert Inspired to Give Back to Glenmary and Community
    Thankful Convert Inspired to Give Back to Glenmary and Community

    Posted: 2/4/2012
    Sarah Smithwick's journey to Catholicism began with a simple invitation to Sunday Mass--from Glenmary Brother Jack Henn. Two years later, she's a devoted, active member of the Bertie County, N.C., mission. She said she's never been happier, "and I owe it all to Glenmary." Now she's gratefully giving back to Glenmary and the community.
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  • Mission Trips Offer Experience of Mission Life
    Posted: 2/3/2012
    People usually take trips to Glenmary missions to learn about and experience them firsthand and to meet and talk to Glenmary missioners and coworkers about their ministry. Some examples include group trips hosted by Glenmary, trips related to Adopt-A-Mission relationships between two Catholic communities, and retreat trips for men discerning Glenmary vocations.
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