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Brother David Henley, Glenmary vocation directorMarch 2015

Last month, Father Vic Subb and I were presenters on the last one-hour segment in a new 12-program series on the Radio Maria network titled Outreach USA: The Glenmary Missioners, which ran from November 2014 to February 2015. This series focused on Glenmary's unique home mission ministry. Each week Glenmary priests, brothers or lay coworkers offered insights into their own ministries and how they are connected to the Glenmary story. This series was just one way that Glenmary tries to educate Catholics about U.S. home mission need. As Father Don Tranel said in the first program, "not all missions are foreign" and broadcasting on Radio Maria was a way to "share that need with Catholic listeners across the country."

All of these programs are now archived as podcasts, listed on our Web site, and available for downloading and listening. I think that for someone who is discerning a Glenmary vocation, the programs serve as a fantastic way to learn more about Glenmary and our ministry. Listening to one of these programs weekly would be like taking a semester-long class called "Glenmary 101."

Father Vic Subb and Brother David HenleyEach program covered different mission topics. For instance, Father Vic and I focused on the need for more missioners and the "how to" of discerning a vocation. Other Glenmarians discussed themes that mattered to them in their current ministry.

For example, Father Dan Dorsey, Glenmary's formation director and novitiate codirector, reflected on spirituality and formation in a home mission context. Father Neil Pezzulo and Father John Rausch highlighted their particular ministries and involvement in social justice issues.

Father Steve Pawelk, Brother Joe Steen, Brother Craig Digmann and Father John Brown all shared reflections and stories about their particular ministries in some of Glenmary's newest mission territories.

I was nervous prior to my broadcast, wondering how Father Vic and I were going to fill an hourlong program. I kept asking myself, "What happens if we run out of things to talk about?" However, about halfway through the program, I realized that one hour was not nearly enough time to talk about everything that we wanted to share. Throughout our careers as Glenmary missioners, we are called upon to try new things and learn new skills. When I joined Glenmary, though, I never thought radio broadcasting was something that I would do. Neither Father Vic nor I will go on to star on our own radio programs, but we know that this broadcast and any future ones will certainly help to serve the home mission need by sharing our stories with listeners.

If after downloading and listening to the programs, you have more questions about how you can serve in the U.S. missions, don't hesitate to contact us for more information.

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Read previous columns by Brother David.