Mission Education Materials 'Educate and Inspire'

Posted: 1/5/2015

Educate & Inspire mission education materialsGlenmary's Educate & Inspire mission education series was created to raise awareness of mission needs among young people and to inspire them to deepen their sense of mission. One key goal is to motivate them to become involved as volunteers or in other ways.

Developed for use in Catholic schools, parish religious education programs and Catholic Vacation Bible Schools, these materials were written and designed by teachers, religious education directors and those involved in home mission ministry.

Educate & Inspire
materials are also very good resources for use during Home Mission Month (April) and Mission Month (October):

For children in Grades 1-4, the We Are All Connected mission education materials include posters, prayer cards and lesson plans. They highlight the idea that everyone is called to be good news—just like Jesus!

Children in Grades 5-8 are invited—through the Light Our Land mission education packet—to take their baptismal call to a deeper level through discussion and prayer. These materials likewise include posters, prayer cards and lesson plans.

Two separate, weeklong Catholic Vacation Bible School programs for ages 4-12—Caring Close to Home and Missionaries in Our Own Land—are also adaptable for use in Catholic schools and religious education programs.

These two units invite children to explore the teachings of Jesus through Scripture and to connect those teachings to their baptismal call to be missionary. The second program features a special focus on missionaries—past and present—who have served in our own land.

The Sacrament of Mission confirmation supplement is a five-session program that emphasizes the call to mission for young people preparing for confirmation. It's also valuable for helping them reflect after receiving the sacrament.

The final component of the Educate & Inspire series is Preparing for Your Mission Trip Journey, designed for use by junior high and high school students and chaperones. This practical and spiritual guide, written by two high school teachers, was developed to enhance mission trips and service experiences.

All these materials can be viewed and ordered online or ordered by phone at 800-935-0975.

Additional Mission Education Resources

Glenmary has a variety of other valuable mission education resources, too:

U.S. County “Fast Facts”—Reports for every U.S. county include general population, social, economic and religious characteristics on county, diocesan, state and national levels. View and download PDFs of these reports.

Speakers and resource packets—To arrange for speakers on missionary life and the home missions and for resource packets, contact Jodi Mott at 800-935-0975.

Home mission need/Catholic data maps—A series of home mission need maps produced by the Glenmary Research Center help Catholics in the United States to compare how their counties of residence stack up against the counties identified by Glenmary as having “high mission need.” Download map PDFs.

Also available are maps created using the Catholic data collected for the Religious Congregations and Membership Study 2010—as well as a 28-by-38-inch wall map depicting the 2010 “Major Religious Families” by U.S. county. Download map PDFs.

And request your printed copy of the large wall map at 800-935-0975.

Web site—Glenmary’s Web site offers prayer resources, the latest news from the home missions, and much more. Visit our site today for additional information.

This article first appeared in the Home Mission News newsletter.