Glenmarian Delivers Opening Prayer at Veterans Day Event in Tennessee

Posted: 11/27/2013

Glenmary Father Vic Subb offering prayer at start of Veterans Day observance, Macon County, Tenn.Glenmary Father Vic Subb said the opening prayer at the Macon County, Tenn., Veterans Day observance and celebration on Monday, Nov. 11, in front of the county courthouse in Lafayette.

Father Vic, the pastor of three Glenmary missions in Lafayette and Celina, Tenn., and Scottsville, Ky., was invited by the local veterans organization to pray at the occasion on behalf of the Macon County community. A crowd of about 200, including a large number of veterans, gathered for this event.

"I felt very honored to have the chance to offer a prayer of gratitude and ask God's blessing for those veterans, living and dead, who have served in the United States armed forces, especially those from Macon County," says Father Vic. "I have a deep appreciation for all the men and women who have served our country in this way. There was a strong feeling of thankfulness among all the community members and camaraderie among the veterans and others there." The event was televised live on a local station.

Following the prayer, the names of Macon County veterans who had died in the past year were read, the flag was raised, "Taps" was played, and a veterans organization leader and a county representative spoke to the group. Then a parade that included veterans on buses and on foot, the local high school band, and a Boy Scout troop, among others, traveled to the town park for the conclusion of the celebration.

Father Vic says that "we are active members of the (interdenominational) ministerial alliance here, and we reach out the larger community to serve county residents in spiritual and material need. Having a role at this event was another welcome outreach opportunity and also one more way to show we are part of this community."