Grainger County, Tenn.

Volunteer and Service Opportunities in Grainger County, Tenn.

Grainger County, Tenn., is the site for Glenmary Group Volunteer Program, which has the high-school and college volunteers for more than 40 years. Begun at the Glenmary Farm more than 40 years ago, the volunteer program has immersed more than 10,000 volunteers into the life, culture and beauty of the Applachian region.

Grainger County is also home to one of Glenmary's newest missions, Blessed John Paul II in Rutledge. Working with local missioners, Joe Grosek says participants will be immersed into the local culture and will actively take part in mission outreach efforts. The volunteers will also have time set aside for community building and prayer—and will have the opportunity to experience living in a simple, non-technology-based environment.

And, the accommodations at the volunteer site, fondly called Toppa Joppa, offers the opportunity for multigenerational groups to participate in the service program.

For GPS directions, the volunteer site is located at 1943 Joppa Mountain Road, Rutledge, Tenn.

For more information about volunteering with the program in Grainger County, contact Joe at