Three Oath Masses Celebrated for Five Men

Posted: 5/31/2011

Three Who Answered the Call

Three men professed their Final Oaths to Glenmary Home Missioners on Saturday, May 28, at a Mass at Sacred Heart Church. Aaron Wessman of Cokato, Minn., Brother Craig Digmann of Scotch Grove, Iowa, and Crispine (Cris) Adongo of Ulanda, Kenya, each made a lifelong commitment to serve the neglected people in the home mission areas served by Glenmary.

On the preceding two days, two other men took steps toward professing their Final Oaths. Brother Levis Kuwa of Ol'Kalou, Kenya, renewed his Glenmary Oath at a May 26 celebration. During the Mass at Glenmary's Our Lady of the Fields Chapel, he recommitted himself to his ministry and membership in the home mission society.

Clive Otieno professed his First Oath on Friday, May 27, during an outside Mass at Glenmary Headquarters. In doing so, he became a member of Glenmary Home Missioners.

Glenmary's outgoing president, Father Dan Dorsey, presided at all three Oath Masses and delivered the homily at the Final Oath Mass.

By professing the Glenmary Oath, all five men committed themselves to the practice of poverty, chastity, obedience and prayer. As missioners, they also committed themselves to their fellow missioners and to the proclamation of the Gospel in areas of the South and Appalachia served by Glenmary. The two temporarily professed men will renew their Oaths in succeeding years, leading up to Final Oath.

Glenmary leadership with the five men.
Final Oath presentation of candidates.
Aaron Wessman signs his Oath.
Brother Craig Digmann takes his Oath.
Cris Adongo signs his Oath.

Glenmary leadership with the five men.

Glenmary leadership with the five men.