Crispine Adongo-Seminarian

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As he concluded his third year at St. Meinrad School of Theology (Ind.) as a Glenmary seminarian in May 2011, Crispine Adongo was also anticipating Saturday, May 28, 2011, when he professed his final Glenmary Oath. This marked the last stage of his Glenmary commitment on the journey to Glenmary priesthood.

The other major event of his summer was his transitional diaconate ordination in June, prior to beginning his final year in the seminary this fall.

After his second year at St. Meinrad in 2010, he pursued clinical pastoral education (CPE) in Waco, Texas, in the summer before returning for his third year of theology studies.

During the summer of 2009 he spent two weeks in the Glenmary missions in Mississippi, followed by study at the Xavier Institute of Catholic Studies in New Orleans. Then he returned to Mississippi, where he worked with Sister Alies Therese, the pastoral coordinator of the Glenmary missions in Eupora and Ackerman, Miss. "I helped with Vacation Bible School and visited nursing homes and hospitals and other Glenmary missions in Mississippi," Cris says.

Cris also enjoys connecting with seminarians studying for the diocesan priesthood at St. Meinrad, knowing that he could work with some of them after his ordination. With fellow Glenmary seminarian Aaron Wessman, Cris organized an event that brought information about Glenmary's mission and ministry to other St. Meinrad students. Fathers Dan Dorsey, Mike Kerin and Jerry Dorn gave presentations on the theology of mission and "people are still talking about the things they learned about Glenmary," Cris says.

Cris, the eighth of nine children, grew up on a farm near the Tanzania border. He experienced the challenge of being a Catholic minority during his high school years when he attended a Seventh Day Adventist sponsored school. In 2004 he graduated with a degree in philosophy from Arrupe College, Zimbabwe. Prior to joining Glenmary, he worked with the street children of Nairobi at Charles Lwanga Boys Town.

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