Glenmary Minute: Missioners reflect on Lent

Posted: 3/6/2019

Lent is a season of challenge and change, of prayer and penitence. Sometimes hearing the voices of others reflecting on Lent can help us on our spiritual journey.

With that in mind, Glenmary offers these "Glenmary Minute" Lenten videos. For each week of Lent, a different missioner will share their reflections on the readings, the spirit of Lent, the experience of Lent in the missions and more. 

Our video for the third week of Lent comes Deacon Charles Osewe Aketch. Deacon Charles will be ordained a priest on April 27. In his Lenten reflection, he speaks of going to the places that we can be transfigured.

Our video for the first week of Lent was from Father Don Tranel who asks, "Can we change our hearts this Lent?"