Glenmary launches new blog: Home Mission Stories

Posted: 4/24/2017

CINCINNATI, Ohio — As part of ongoing efforts to reach a broad digital audience, Glenmary Home Missioners has launched a new blog. "Home Mission Stories" will feature original content provided by the Glenmary Communications team.

"Several Glenmarians and coworkers have created blogs over the years for specific purposes, but we needed a blog dedicated to telling Glenmary's story online," said John Stegeman, Glenmary manager of communications and marketing. "We have a great website at, but hosting certain stories on a blogging platform will allow us to introduce Glenmary to a new audience and drive more traffic back to the website."

Stegeman said the blog, accessible at, will include stories that don't have a home in Glenmary's legacy publications such as Glenmary Challenge magazine or various e-newsletters.

About Glenmary
Glenmary Home Missioners (the Home Missioners of America) is a Catholic society of priests and brothers who, along with coworkers, are dedicated to serving the spiritual and material needs of people living in mission counties throughout Appalachia and the South. Learn more at

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