Glenmary DVDs Still Available

Posted: 3/10/2016

Glenmary DVD CoverHave you ever wanted to visit a home mission county where Glenmary serves or meet one of the many men currently in Glenmary formation?

Have you tried to explain Glenmary's mission and ministry to someone but just couldn't find a way to describe it in words?

You can experience and accomplish all these things and more through three DVDs still available from Glenmary.

The Joy and Challenge of Mission and Walking Together in Mission (which is also available in Spanish) were filmed in Glenmary missions as well as at St. Meinrad Seminary in Indiana.

Glenmary Vocation DVD CoverEach DVD includes a general overview of Glenmary's mission and ministry as told by the missioners, students and donors featured. (See a trailer for Walking Together in Mission.)

Viewing The Joy and Challenge of Mission is an excellent way to learn more about Glenmary's work and to share Glenmary's mission with others who may interested in the home missions.

The vocation DVD, Walking Together in Mission/Caminando Juntos en Mision, gives viewers a clear insight into Glenmary's mission and ministry—as well as helping them learn what's involved in discerning and responding to the call to serve as Glenmary priests and brothers. It also includes specific formation information for those men interested in missionary priesthood or brotherhood with Glenmary.

Glenmary Vocation DVD Spanish Cover"We broke down the formation process into specific areas that are represented in the DVD menus," said Brother David Henley, director of Glenmary's Vocation Office. "This makes the DVDs very easy to view—and we hope very informative for the viewer!"

Father Don Tranel, director of Glenmary's Development Office, said the strength of all three DVDs is that Glenmary missioners, students and supporters carry the story. All three, he added, are excellent representations of Glenmary's mission and ministry.

You can receive your free copy of "The Joy and Challenge of Mission" by contacting Mike Prym at 800-935-0975.


To receive your free copy of "Walking Together in Mission," please complete this form and in the "Comments" box, tell us if you would like the English or Spanish version of the DVD.