Commission on Evangelization

"Go and make disciples of all nations...." These words of Jesus (Mt 28:19) are a mandate for every baptized Christian. Glenmary's Commission on Evangelization (CoE) seeks to keep evangelization a top priority of individual Catholics and of Catholic mission parishes.

The concept of evangelization is foreign to many cradle Catholics—even a bit unsettling. But Glenmary missioners and Glenmary mission communities make a clear distinction between "evangelizing" and "proselytizing." They want to share the good news of Jesus and the gifts of the Catholic faith tradition with those living in the surrounding county, but they are not out to solely make converts. Instead Glenmary missions seek to welcome those with no church home and to work with other Christians in the area to build up the Body of Christ.

The purpose of the CoE is to help missioners and mission communities in their evangelization efforts. Members of the CoE are Glenmarians and coworkers from the various areas in which Glenmary serves. Liz Dudas presently serves as the resource person from Glenmary's Department of Pastoral Ministers & Pastoral Services.

Evangelization ideas that have worked in Glenmary mission include:

icon A Stroll Down Memory Lane

icon A Tasty and Evangelizing Trip Around the World

icon Advertising the Parish Web Site

icon An Evangelizing Yard Sale

icon A Simple Mass Explanation