Wish List for Missions

We are deeply thankful for all who are able to support Glenmary by donating gifts in kind. Below are some items that our small, rural mission parishes are able to use and some items that typically cannot be put to good use. 
Fr. Neil Pezzulo, First Vice President of Glenmary, helps unload donations for the home missions.
Often, it saves time and money if donors are able to ship donations directly to the missions. Should you wish to do so, please contact our Mission Education office at 513-881-7440 for shipping addresses or to inquire about items that are not listed here. Check back here for quarterly updates. Thank you!

Note: Because of limited storage space, Glenmary cannot accept large donations (i.e. truckloads) of items. If you have a large amount of items to donate, please consider St. Vincent  de Paul or another local agency. Thank you.

Glenmary Missions Wish List

Items Glenmary typically can use:

  • Catholic Bibles in good condition, both English and Spanish
  • infant and children's clothing and blankets
  • small to medium trousers, jackets, ball caps, sunscreen for migrant workers
  • school supplies 
  • children's books in good condition
  • craft and educational materials for VBS and the Glenmary Volunteer Program
  • playground and sports equipment in good condition
  • rosaries
  • breviaries for our seminarians
Items Glenmary typically cannot use:

  • Any items included in mailings from other religious organizations (necklaces, coins, etc.)
  • Outdated daily scripture resources such as Magnificat, Our Daily Bread, etc.
  • church organs
  • old, worn vestments
  • large items that would have to be stored (our storage space is very limited)
  • large amounts of adult clothing (because of limited storage space)
  • Books other than children's