Winter Challenge coming soon

Posted: 11/21/2017

The Winter 2017 edition of Glenmary Challenge magazine will begin mailing Dec. 1 and owing to the timing, several stories will have a Christmas connection.

For the cover story, Glenmary Challenge asked missioners to share their special memories of Christmas in the missions, and several came through with powerful moments of God's love.

A similar powerful moment is the reason for a feature about Genaro Juarez. Once lukewarm about the faith, Genaro came to Holy Family Mission in East Tennessee for Mass. His experience there overwhelmed him, and the active parishioner now organizes Christmas and Thanksgiving meals for inmates at the local prison, and is heavily involved in other ministries.

Another story with a Christmas touch involves the Glenmary Sisters. The sisters are a distinct community from the Glenmary Home Missioners, but share a common founder in Father William Howard Bishop. Their mother superior, Sister Darlene Presley, has been instrumental in the development of Glenmary's men in formation. For a time, usually around Christmas, Glenmary students spend time working with her in the sisters' ministry to gain an appreciation of working with sisters in the mission field.

The issue's lead story, "Cast a wide net," tells of Mexican crab workers in Eastern North Carolina. Here on a work visa, the workers are hundreds of miles from home and separated from their families and their faith. Glenmary's St. Joan of Arc mission led, by Julian Crespo, has begun a ministry to meet their spiritual and material needs.

The News & Notes in this issue covers the a unique radio ministry in Macon County, Tenn., a tree planting at Glenmary HQ, a hurricane relief trip by youth at Glenmary's St. Michael the Archangel and more.

The Winter 2017 Glenmary Challenge will be available online, HERE Dec. 1.
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Glenmary Challenge has three goals: to educate Catholics about the U.S. home missions, to motivate young men to consider Glenmary priesthood or brotherhood and to invite all Catholics to respond to their baptismal call to be missionary by partnering with Glenmary as financial contributors, prayer partners, professional coworkers and/or volunteers.