A Spring message to Our Glenmary Partners

During the season of spring, we are surrounded by examples of new life and new growth – trees are adorned with new buds, seeds sprout, nests are filled with eggs, newborn calves fill the fields, children rejoice to play outside again. How glorious the work of the Lord! 

This spring, let us be reminded that the Word of God is also a living text ready to bring forth new life. The Word of God is eagerly waiting to be sown into the rich grounds of human hearts.  

Too often, unfortunately, the rich grounds of this nation lay barren. Too often, individuals live in a state of spiritual poverty and the teachings of Christ are inaccessible. Too often, individuals face isolation and despair and the cries of human suffering go unanswered.

Glenmary Home Missioners are on a mission to till the ground of these barren fields and plant the seeds of God’s Word and His promises. When Glenmary is choosing new mission territories, we specifically look for counties where poverty is high, Catholics are few, and church attendance is low. While our work is never easy, we hold onto the hope that our efforts will multiply. Like the parable in Matthew’s gospel reminds us, just a few seeds can produce fruit, a hundred or sixty or thirtyfold! By nourishing and cultivating missionary disciples in our mission churches, the Catholic faith can continue to be spread long after Glenmary has moved to new mission territories.

Will you help us provide our sowers — the priests, brothers and professional coworkers of the Glenmary Home Missioners — the resources to plant the Word of God and the Catholic Church in the fields of rural America?  Join us in planting seeds of hope in human hearts by means of our various ministries: feeding the hungry, clothing the poor, inviting Catholics into the Church, establishing new churches, and calling all Catholics to be missionaries! 

As new life takes root around you this spring, take an inventory of your life and the new growth that is waiting to spring forth. In what ways is God calling you to plant seeds or cultivate the ones already planted? What barren fields can you till in your own life? Remember, small and humble beginnings can produce great rewards. 

This spring, I humbly ask you to prayerfully consider a gift to ensure that Glenmary can continue sowing seeds of Christ’s love for generations to come.  Your prayers and support will reap a hundredfold!

God Bless You, as I am in solidarity of Mission,