Information for Volunteers & Chaperones

  • Long-term volunteers operate the Glenmary Group Volunteer Volunteers PaintingProgram in Tennessee.
    The long-term volunteers set up each day's schedule and menu and act as catalysts between the community and the volunteers. During the service week there will be many staff meetings between chaperones and long-term volunteers. It is important that all problems are addressed during these meetings. Any issues that may hamper the service week and communication need to be addressed during these meetings. The long-term volunteers represent Glenmary and our program in Grianger County.

  • Volunteers can choose to serve, but oftentimes they can't choose how they will serve. For the volunteer program to work, volunteers must accept they will serve not only serve the Tennessee mission areas, but also the community of volunteers that they volunteer with. The Glenmary Group Volunteer experience is fun but volunteers must work hard and stretch themselves to reap the greater gifts that the experience has to offer. We ask volunteers take off their watches and enjoy the week on God's time, to slow down from the hustle and bustle of their lives and enjoy the nature, people, service and the community of faith we hope they will find as participants in the volunteer program.

  • Every volunteer should bring about $25 with them. The volunteers often visit sites that charge a nominal fee. Volunteers also have the option to purchase Glenmary Group Volunteer Program T-shirts at a cost of $18 each.

  • Volunteers and chaperones should leave their cell phones at home. Reception in these mission areas is not good. So, in lieu of a cell phone, we suggest that volunteers bring a long distance calling card or be able to place a collect phone call home.

  • Chaperones of groups that drive to the Tennessee site should budget money for gasoline for your vehicles during their week of service. Oftentimes, volunteer groups are asked to use their own vehicles to help transport volunteers to our sites. We use the volunteer program's vehicles for the dirty sites such as construction.

  • Accidents happen, so please make sure that all volunteers have insurance cards or other pertinent information with them when they arrive. It may help to send a copy of the insurance card and medical information for each volunteer when the insurance release forms are submitted. Getting this information to the volunteer director early will allow the volunteer staff to determine if there are special medical needs prior to your group's arrival.

    PLEASE, make sure to inform program staff or the volunteer director if any member of your group has specific allergies to food, environment or insects such as bees or wasps!

    Absolutely no alcohol or drugs are permitted at any Glenmary Group Volunteer Program Site.