Administration, Departments & Commissions

Administration (Cincinnati, Ohio)
Michael A. Schneider, treasurer/chief administrator:
Sharon Raymond, business manager:

Archives (Cincinnati, Ohio)
Lucy Putnam, archivist:

Commission on Evangelization
Liz Dudas, chariperson:

Commission on Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation
Tom Navin, director:

Communications Office (Cincinnati, Ohio)
John Stegeman, manager:
Cassie Magnotta, graphic designer:
Position Available (2-7-18)

Data Center (Cincinnati, Ohio)
Jeff Sheeler, manager:

Department of Pastoral Ministers and Services (Nashville, Tenn.)
Lorraine Vancamp, director:
Liz Dudas, ministry development:

Development Office (Cincinnati, Ohio)
Father Don Tranel, director:
Jim Rice, assistant director:
Susan Lambert, planned giving officer:
Rachel Thome, mission education:

Finance Office (Cincinnati, Ohio)
Michael A. Schneider, treasurer:

Glenmary Challenge (Cincinnati, Ohio)
John Stegeman, editor:
Position Available (2-7-18), assistant editor
Cassie Magnotta, art director:

Glenmary Leadership (Cincinnati, Ohio):
Father Chet Artysiewicz, president:
Father Neil Pezzulo, first vice president:
Brother Larry Johnson, second vice president:

The Glenmary Group Volunteer Program
Joe Grosek, volunteer director:

Glenmary Research Center
Lucy Putnam:

Vocation Office (Cincinnati, Ohio)
Brother David Henley, vocation director:
Wilmar Zabala, vocations counselor: