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October 2014

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  • Youth Ministry Helps Teens Grow in Faith
    Youth Ministry Helps Teens Grow in Faith

    Posted: 10/16/2014
    Glenmary Lay Missioner Kathy O'Brien is the director of the popular youth ministry program for the Erwin, Tenn., mission--a ministry that's been one of her key roles in mission assignments for 38 years. The growing program in Erwin nurtures youths' faith while providing many opportunities for service, growth, leadership and fun.
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  • 'Brother Tour Guide'
    'Brother Tour Guide'

    Posted: 10/13/2014
    Glenmary student Brother Levis Kuwa, who has been working in the Vocation Office this semester while continuing his academic studies, writes about his experience of leading men on vocation mission trips.
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