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April 2011

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  • Tornadoes Hit Bertie County, N.C.; Glenmary Mission Joins in Recovery Effort
    Posted: 4/20/2011
    Twelve people have died as a result of tornadoes that struck Bertie County, N.C., on April 16, 2011. Glenmary's mission, The Catholic Community of Bertie County, was not directly affected by the storms but the mission members, including Glenmary student Jason Muhlehkamp, are involved in the ongoing relief work. President Obama signed a disaster declaration for North Carolina on April 19 and has ordered federal aid to supplement state and local recovery efforts in the areas struck by the tornadoes and severe storms.
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  • Glenmarians 'Wash the Feet' of the People They Serve
    Glenmarians 'Wash the Feet' of the People They Serve

    Posted: 4/15/2011
    The symbolic gesture of foot-washing takes place on Holy Thursday at parishes all over the world. It reminds us that, as disciples, we are called to humble ourselves. In many ways, Glenmary's ministry of serving the spiritually and materially poor in rural areas of our country mirrors this act of foot-washing.
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  • Reflecting on the Journey to Glenmary Priesthood
    Reflecting on the Journey to Glenmary Priesthood

    Posted: 4/13/2011
    Glenmary seminarian Crispine Adongo takes a look back at his almost six years with Glenmary, from his arrival in this country and years of formation to his Glenmary Final Oath, scheduled for May 28. He also looks ahead to his future as a mission pastor.
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  • Vocation Week in Mexico
    Posted: 4/12/2011
    Recently, Glenmary's vocation director, Brother David Henley, traveled to the Diocese of San Juan de los Logos in Yahualica, Jalisco, México, to take part in Vocation Week. Here are some images he returned with.
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  • Vanceburg View: News From the Glenmary Farm
    Posted: 4/11/2011
    Colleen Ryan completes her term as Farm Manager, the Thurman family suffers a loss, work continues on Keith's trailer, Project Merry Christmas successful...
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  • Regional Worker Follows Social Justice Needs
    Regional Worker Follows Social Justice Needs

    Posted: 4/4/2011
    Father Les Schmidt has been a Glenmary regional worker for the last 44 years, helping people deal with social injustices in their lives. He's still driven by the belief that "Jesus came to bring justice to the world, and that's our mission as his disciples."
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