Boost-a-Month Club Newsletter

The March 2018 issue of the Boost-A-Month Club newsletter features Michael Slover, a man preparing to enter the Catholic Church this Easter. Formerly a Baptist deacon, Michael always felt a call to the Catholic faith, but he did not have a church around him.

When he moved to Maynardville, Tenn., he discovered St. Teresa of Kolkata. After voraciously reading and studying the faith, Michael is ready for his baptism and First Communion March 31. 

Read more about Michael's journey in this month's issue:
March 2018

The Boost-A-Month Club newsletter offers Glenmary's most loyal donors a first look at mission news in appreciation for their continued support of Glenmary and its work.

To join the club, contact Father Don Tranel at or (800) 935-0975.

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