Special Old-Timers Reunion Week begins Feb. 7

Posted: 1/7/2016

By Eddie Biehn
Former Program Manager
Greetings, friends and followers of the Glenmary Volunteer Program! I'm writing to share some good news:"Love is still the only way!"
Recently, I traveled to the new Glenmary Volunteer Program site on Joppa Mountain in Rutledge, Tenn. I would like to report that as I entered into the volunteer residence there, I immediately saw a sign made by past volunteers that said "Love is the only way." I reflect on how the spirit of the Glenmary Farm lives on just as we knew it would! Current Mountain managers Mark and Mia put it this way: "It's not the same as the Farm here, but it rhymes with the Farm." After my visit...I agree wholeheartedly!
It was inspiring and refreshing to experience firsthand the Glenmary volunteer facility and the mission parishes in Union and Grainger counties. Program manager Joe Grosek graciously gave me a tour of the area and the mission projects in which they've already become immersed. I also had the opportunity to mingle with some of the local people. Joe shared that there is continuous work that needs to be done—both the physical and relational types—and that there are many trails yet to be blazed.
Joe has reserved a week for a proposed "Old-Timers Mission Trip" (OTMT) during the week of Feb. 7, 2016, and assured me that he would have plenty of work.
Please consider joining us when we reschedule for the reunion of Glenmary alumni volunteers. There is limited space, so please make contact as soon as possible. If you would like to come but cannot spend the whole week, contact us anyway. Fees for food, lodging and insurance will be covered by the Mustard Seed Foundation. Your only cost will be your transportation to and from Joppa Mountain.
For questions, please call or e-mail any of the people below. This, just as in the old days of Glenmary Farm, will be a great mission/retreat immersion experience.
"Peace Came and Stayed."
Eddie Biehn        EddieB1414@gmail.com 262-945-5511
Joe Grosek         jgrosek@glenmary.org 606-202-3658
Jodi Mott            jmott@glenmary.org 513-881-7440