J. Carlos Miguel Lopez

Jose Carlos Miguel Lopez has waited a long time to make his first oath with Glenmary.

As one of Glenmary’s longest serving students, he began his discernment in 2004 after meeting Father Vic Subb in Mexico. The priest spoke to Carlos’ high school class about Glenmary’s mission, and after Carlos graduated in 2007, he joined the Glenmary aspirant program.

In his time with Glenmary, Jose has served in Pontotoc, Miss., with Father Gerry “Pete” Peterson; Grayson, Ky., with Father Larry Goulding; Lafayette, Tenn., with Father Vic; and Windsor and Plymouth, N.C., with Father Mike Kerin and Brothers Curt Kedley and Virgil Siefker.

His diversity of experience has better educated him about mission life and about American culture, which he thinks will make him a better priest and more equipped to start his own mission one day.

"Depending on where you are, life in the missions requires different approaches,” Carlos said.

Mission life is also helping him to discover hidden talents. He has directed several pastorela plays, painted his own scenery, is teaching himself to play the guitar and is taking lessons with Glenmary president Father Chet Artysiewicz to learn to play the accordion.

After his first oath, Carlos will return to Lafayette, Tenn., with Father Vic to continue his mission service and to continue his discernment as he works toward his goal – becoming a priest and Glenmary missioner.