A Statement From Glenmary Regarding Father Robert Poandl

Posted: 11/15/2012

For Immediate Release

CINCINNATI (Nov. 15, 2012)—Today, during a hearing at the Hamilton County (Ohio) Courthouse, a Grand Jury indictment against Glenmary Father Robert Poandl was unsealed and the priest was charged with transporting a minor across state lines with intent to engage in sexual activity.

The charges are related to a June 2009 accusation of sexual misconduct with a minor said to have occurred in 1991 in Spencer, W.Va. The 2009 charges against Father Poandl were dismissed by a West Virginia court in August 2010 and Father Poandl's record was expunged.

[Updated Nov. 19] Following the Nov. 15 hearing Father Poandl was temporarily detained at the Butler County Jail in Hamilton, Ohio. On Monday, Nov. 19, he was released from the Butler County Jail and issued an electronic ankle monitor. "Father Poandl has been placed under home confinement and he is complying fully with the court's orders," said Father Chet Artysiewicz, Glenmary's president. "He continues to maintain his innocence in this and all matters of misconduct. It's my hope and prayer that God's love and guidance will help all those affected by this accusation find peace."

On the morning of Nov. 15 Father Poandl, who was traveling with a fellow Glenmarian, voluntarily surrendered himself to the FBI upon being notified by Father Artysiewicz of the warrant for his arrest. Father Poandl immediately reported to the FBI field office in Cincinnati.

Glenmary also received a subpoena, via the U.S. mail, on the afternoon of Nov. 14. The subpoena ordered the release of documents and other information pertaining to Father Poandl. The subpoena contained no information regarding what Father Poandl was being accused of or charged with.

Father Artysiewicz learned on the afternoon of Nov. 14 that the requested documents were to have been delivered to the court that morning. Glenmary's lawyers, after consulting with the U.S. attorney's office, have determined that Glenmary has until Dec. 19 to produce the documents.

"We have just learned of these charges today [Nov. 15]," said Father Artysiewicz, "and we are working to fully comply with the subpoena and cooperate with investigators." He added that since this is an ongoing investigation, Glenmary cannot comment further on the investigation or the charges.

On Feb. 11, 2012, Father Poandl was relieved of his ministerial duties as pastor of Glenmary's missions in Claxton, Pembroke and Sandhill, Ga., following an allegation of sexual misconduct. Since that time, he has been living under a safety plan at Glenmary's Cincinnati residence and has not been functioning as a priest.