Holy Week Is Ideal Time for Discernment

Posted: 3/12/2012

By Pat McEntee, Associate Vocation Director

If you had to pick one time of year as the best time to seriously ask the question "Where is God calling me?" it would be hard to find a better time than Holy Week. For Catholicism, this week is the holiest of holies. The season of Lent is symbolic of Jesus' 40 days in the desert to prepare for his public ministry. And Holy Week is a commemoration of Jesus' final days before his death and resurrection.

Because a call to the religious life is a profound way to follow in the footsteps of Jesus and his apostles, it makes sense to discern during this time as we consider the ultimate sacrifice Jesus made.

Too often, people allow their prayer lives to turn into one-sided communication. We talk to God. We ask God for help. We relate the events of our lives to God. But how often do we give God an opportunity to speak to us?

Because God's voice doesn't often come in the most obvious ways, it is easy to miss or ignore. It's a busy world. If one is trying to run away from God's call, it is certainly easy to do. On the flip side, if one is legitimately trying to find God's will, it is necessary to make the time and effort to listen.