Vanceburg View: News From the Glenmary Farm

Posted: 9/14/2011

An Update From the Director of Glenmary's Volunteer Office

Joe Grosek Glenmary Director of VolunteersSummer 2011

Message from the Newest Glenmary Farm Manager

My name is Walter Plummer and I began my tenure as Farm manager in Vanceburg in May 2011. I came to the Farm from Cleveland, Ohio, after graduating from Baldwin-Wallace College with a B.A. in English and a minor in Adolescent/Young Adult Education. I love my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, and I love working with teens and young adults. So I love the mission and work of the Glenmary Farm that combines both things and am very excited about living and working here in Vanceburg, both with our volunteer groups and with the larger community. Please keep my coworkers, the people of Lewis County, and Glenmary Home Missioners in your prayers as we continue to live out our faith in solidarity with all of our brothers and sisters in Christ. I promise to keep you in my prayers.

Allison Pressimone Completes Tenure as Glenmary Farm Manager

At the end of August 2011, Allison Pressimone finished her term as a Glenmary Farm Manager. Allison did a superb job at the Glenmary Farm. She shared her talents, voice, and hard work with the community of Lewis County and those who serve with us. I would like to thank Allison for a great year of service.

Work Completed on Keith's and Katie and Dorothy's

Last summer, groups from the Glenmary Farm completed work at Keith's and Katie and Dorothy's. Groups from the Glenmary Farm have been working at both sites for months and it is nice to have them completed.

At Keith's, groups replaced the rotted floors and fixed the waterlines under the trailer. They also did some painting and replace the trim in the trailer. Thanks to all who donated time and materials to this project.

At Katie and Dorothy's, groups spent multiple days cleaning out the house. They also fixed the walls, moved Katie and Dorothy into a new room, and then painted multiple rooms. Thanks to all who made this a possibility for Katie and Dorothy.

Looking for Glenmary Farm Managers and Summer Staff

With the departure of Allison Pressimone, there are two Farm managers at the Glenmary Farm. So we are looking for one person to fill the third Farm manager position. Glenmary Home Missioners are also looking for summer staff for the Glenmary Farm for 2012. In addition, we will need two persons to serve as summer staff for a new program at the new Glenmary missions in Union and Grainger counties in Tennessee, which will begin in the summer of 2012. If you would like more information about any of these three opportunities please contact Joe Grosek at 606-796-3421.

People's Self-Help Housing Hosts Open House

By Dave Kreher, Director of People Self Help Housing
On Friday, June 24, nearly 200 people gathered together on Fuller Branch Road for a fun-filled day to view two new, extremely energy-efficient homes recently completed by People's Self-Help Housing. Elizabeth Bonner, who grew up on Fuller Branch, recently purchased one of the new homes.

All those in attendance had the opportunity to tour Ms. Bonner's very nicely decorated home as she showed off the many energy-saving details such as the 14-inch-thick walls, which help make her home 75 percent more energy-efficient than a standard new house. Ms. Bonner was absolutely thrilled to tell everyone that her first monthly electric bill was only $9.81. "I love my new home," she remarked repeatedly throughout the day. By the end of the day, lots of other folks loved her new home too.

A new, very efficient two-story home was also on display, featuring geothermal heating and cooling, spray foam insulation and a sealed crawlspace. This new two-story home, which is for sale, is 50 percent more energy-efficient than a standard new house. It provides a very comfortable and quiet living environment and the new homeowner will reap the benefit of low utility bills for the rest of their lifetime.

Kentucky State Sen. Robin Webb joined housing officials from Frankfort, Lexington, Berea and Cincinnati for the event, as guest speakers supporting People's Self-Help Housing's cutting-edge work in energy efficiency. The Board of Directors and the employees of People's Self-Help Housing are leading the charge in the state and region to produce comfortable, energy efficient homes that are affordable to low income families and individuals.