Final Oaths Inspire

Posted: 6/13/2011

Final Oath Mass, May 28, 2011By Pat McEntee
Associate Vocation Director

It has been nearly three years since I joined the vocations team at Glenmary Home Missioners, but at last I got to witness a Final Oath ceremony on May 28, 2011. It was a powerful and wonderful event. I was glad that some men who are considering joining Glenmary were also able to attend the ceremony.

Glenmary formation is not short or easy. It may sometimes seem like an endless journey to complete classes, mission placements and the novitiate experience. So it is a joy to see men completing this process. I believe it also helps inspire students still in formation, as well as those discerning possible vocations with Glenmary, to witness three men make their final profession to be Glenmary Home Missioners—and to see that the Glenmary community is going to remain strong into the future.

For fully professed missioners as well as coworkers, it must be both reassuring and inspiring to know that "reinforcements" are coming. Since the vast majority of current missioners are over the age of 50, it is of utmost importance that young men are progressing through the formation process so that they can soon go to the missions and begin making a difference.

Glenmary is a vibrant community. Although small in comparison to many religious orders around the world, Glenmary has a far-reaching impact. If one quality characterizes Glenmary, it may be doing more with less. As associate vocation director, I travel a great deal and meet with thousands of people at vocation fairs and other conferences each year. Almost everywhere I have gone, people have sought me out to tell me a story about working at the Glenmary Farm, or to ask me how a particular priest or brother is doing, or to ask me to say hello to someone associated with Glenmary.

It is inspiring to be in Minnesota, Maryland, Georgia, California, Illinois, Louisiana, Missouri or elsewhere and have people tell me about their good experiences with Glenmary. Glenmary was established to bring the Church to parts of this country where it is not yet effectively present. It's obvious to me that Glenmary is inspiring people who then carry the Church with them to other areas and continue that growth.

Glenmary's students are the future leaders of this religious society. We hope many more men profess their Final Oaths in order to continue replenishing the fields with more laborers. If you would like to be a part of this community, please contact us today.

This article first appeared in the June 2011 Vocation Office E-News.