Vanceburg View: News From the Glenmary Farm

Posted: 4/11/2011

An Update From the Director of Glenmary's Volunteer Office

Joe Grosek Glenmary Director of VolunteersSpring 2011

I hope everyone is having a blessed and peaceful spring. Spring has been a great time for our work at the Glenmary Farm with great groups that have gotten a lot of work done.

Colleen Ryan Completes Term as a Glenmary Farm Manager

After 18 months of service, Colleen Ryan completed her term as a Glenmary Farm Manager. Colleen was a true joy to work with and did a superb job at the Glenmary Farm. She has a true love for the community of Lewis County. She was always there for those who were in need in the community, especially those affected by the flooding of the Summer 2010. She did a great job with groups and was true servant during her time with us. A very hard worker, good dancer and a great listener, Colleen never said no to anyone in need in the community and was a true joy to work with.

Project Merry Christmas and Lending a Helping Hand Christmas Handout Successful

I would like to thank all of you who donated your time and resources to families in need through Project Merry Christmas. Project Merry Christmas is an ecumenical Christmas program of the Lewis County ministerial association. Every year, the Lewis County ministerial association takes applications of individuals and families in need and provides food assistance and gifts for the holiday season.

This year Project Merry Christmas provided gifts to over 400 children and 200 adults. It also provided food assistance to 200 individuals and families. I would to thank the volunteers from Loyola University of Chicago, St. Clarence Youth Group, the Ohio State University, and local individuals that made this program the success it is. Out of my 10 years in Lewis County, this year's project was by far the smoothest and most peaceful one.

I would also thank those who donated food, time and talent to the Lending a Helping Food Pantry Christmas handout. The pantry provided 250 families in need with food for the Christmas season-a pretty good accomplishment considering the horrible winter weather we were having in Lewis County during the handout.

Please Keep the Thurman Family In Your Prayers

For years the Glenmary Farm and its volunteers have been welcomed to the Thurman family residence and then their garage for a night of live entertainment and fun. It is sad news for me to report that Wayne Thurman, 68, of Garrison died on Thursday, March 31, 2011, at 9:00 a.m., at his home. Wayne and his family have always been very welcoming to the multitude of groups who come and serve with us. He has always been a true joy to talk to and had a great sense of humor. He taught many Farm Managers on how to play the guitar and harmonica, how to ride a four-wheeler and a few how to shoot a gun. He will be truly missed and I hope God blesses, keeps, and protects the Thurman family during their time of morning.

Work Continues on Keith's Trailer

I would like to thank all the volunteers who have dedicated their time, talent, and funds to continue the work we are doing for Keith. Volunteers have completed the flooring for both bedrooms that were destroyed by the water leaks. Volunteers also replaced the subfloor on part of the kitchen and living room and fixed his tub so it does not leak anymore. We are currently waiting for more funding to complete this project.


  • Funding to complete Keith's trailer
  • Mowers, weed eaters/trimmers for the summer
  • Another dog
  • Low flow toilets for the Glenmary Farm
  • Peace in our world