Welcome to the New glenmary.org!

Posted: 3/22/2011

Father Dan Dorsey President of Glenmary Home MissionersWelcome to Glenmary's newly redesigned Web site!

Although this new site may seem to have appeared overnight, we have spent the past year planning and developing the new site with our Web designer. This is the second redesign of our 11-year-old site since its launch in 1999.

In this redesign, we wanted to create a site that is visually inviting and easier to navigate so visitors can easily find all the good things Glenmary—and our Web site—has to offer.

We hope you will agree that we have succeeded in both areas!

New things to notice as you browse through the site:

  • Enhanced navigation on the left side of the interior pages.
  • Larger photos used in stories and as links to news items on the Ways to Give and Vocations pages.
  • Photo galleries/slide shows like the one used on the Glenmary Farm home page.
  • Video links like those used to tease the new Glenmary vocation DVDs on the English and Spanish vocation formation pages.

  • The addition of "breadcrumbs," located on the interior pages below the top row of photos, on the left. This visual trail will help visitors easily navigate our new Web site by helping make sure they always know what section of the Web site they're in.

  • The addition of the "sharethis" icon, located on the interior pages below the top row of photos, on the right. Click on this option and a drop-down box displays numerous ways you can share your favorite Glenmary Web site content on your social media networks, including Facebook and Twitter.

  • Along with the "sharethis" option, you will note options to e-mail content as well as print pages in a printer-friendly format.

As you explore, you may find other new things we have included—and perhaps a few links that haven't been activated yet. The pages to which these links direct you are still under construction—we've found that if we waited for the new site to be completely ready, we might never launch it!

Ultimately, we hope we have produced a Web site that helps us further Glenmary's mission and one that will help us continue sharing the Good News!

Once you have explored the site, let us know what you think!