Rex Collins Is Welcomed Into the Church on Pentecost

Posted: 5/21/2008

By Sister Marie Colette Gerry

Rex CollinsSister Marie Colette Gerry, parish life director, and Father Larry Goulding, sacramental minister, along with the parishioners of Sts. John and Elizabeth mission in Grayson, Ky., welcomed Rex B. Collins into the Catholic faith on Pentecost.

As a teenager, Rex met his dad's friend, Father Pat O' Donnell, who was the pastor in Grayson at the time. Father Pat had a great impact on Rex's life. Although he grew up in the Baptist Church and later joined the Church of Christ, Rex remembers visiting Sts. John & Elizabeth Church as a youth and many times has felt the influence of Father Pat leading him to things Catholic. Rex's search finally led him to the Catholic Church last December.

Rex has participated in the activities of the church since Christmas. During Lent he was involved in "Why Catholic?," a small Renew group. He also attends Mass on Wednesdays when he is not flying for Southwest Airlines. Rex's wife, Sheila, and their grown children are supportive of his decision to become a Catholic. Rex says, "In the back of my head there has always been a calling back to the Catholic Church. I feel like I have always been here."