Sharing Insights Learned 'On the Job' in Glenmary Counties

Posted: 10/1/2006

Pastoral coordinator orientation It has become the custom of those who are work with Glenmary as pastoral coordinators to gather during the year for prayer, fun, learning and support. (Pastoral coordinators have comprehensive leadership responsibiity in the Glenmary missions where they serve.)

Michele Bertot is one of the newest pastoral coordinators who has been welcomed into the Glenmary family. She began leading Holy Redeemer in Vanceburg, Ky.,in August 2006. Michele has had previous experience as a pastoral administrator in the Diocese of Rochester (N.Y.).

Upon moving to Vanceburg, Michele and her husband Ted found themselves in a different culture—Appalachia. As part of Michele's orientation to the mission and ministry of Glenmary, other pastoral coordinators were asked to share their experiences in leading small churches in rural Appalachia and in the rural central South.

What followed were two days of telling stories of what the "experienced" pastoral coordinators have learned from working and living in Glenmary counties. Here is a sampling of the questions that the group used:

  • What's the biggest blunder that you have made regarding Appalachian or
  • Southern culture?
  • What's been your greatest discovery about the values and ways of Appalachia or the South?
  • How do you find ways to visit or make connections with people in the county who are not members of the Catholic Church?

Try using these questions for your own reflection—or with a parish group!