What to Bring


Volunteers and chaperones should pack enough casual, comfortable clothing for a week. Remember to include extra clothes that you are not afraid to get dirty, painted on or possibly ruined. 

Volunteers should each bring at least $25 with them. Some places volunteers visit charge a nominal fee.  

In Winter Months
  • warm work clothing (jeans, sweatshirts, hats, etc.)
  • winter gloves
In Summer Months
  • lightweight work clothing (shorts, T-shirts, etc.) and also work pants; muscle shirts and tank tops are not appropriate for construction work
  • sunscreen, bug spray and a hat to wear when working in the sun
In All Seasons
  • work gloves
  • boots or other waterproof footwear; if possible, bring more than one pair of shoes
  • casual, nice pair of slacks and shirt or blouse for church 
  • small amount of spending money
  • sleeping bag or sheets/blanket (we provide mattresses and pillows)
  • towel, washcloth, and biodegradable soap and shampoo
  • other toiletries
  • small musical instruments
  • a smile and eagerness to serve
  • A protein supplement if you are a strict vegan.

Don't Bring

Part of the Glenmary Home Missioners charism is simplicity. In that spirit, we ask that volunteers abstain from wearing makeup and shaving every day. We want to focus on everyone's inner beauty.

  • radios, MP3 players, tape recorders, laptop or tablets, CD/DVD players
  • hair dryers and curling irons
  • junk food (we'll provide adequate meals)
  • Though cell phones are not banned at the site, we believe that you receive the greater gifts of the site by limiting cell phone use.

Absolutely no alcohol or drugs are permitted at the Glenmary Group Volunteer Program sites.