A Lenten Message to Our Glenmary Partners

Every New Year brings new opportunities and new beginnings, a chance to change and a chance to improve. The liturgical season of Lent could not come at a more appropriate time. This season allows Catholics to evaluate our relationship with God and to refocus our lives on the Lord and His promises.

In his 2017 Lenten address, Pope Francis encouraged all Catholics to “return to God with all of their hearts” (Joel 2:12). By recommitting to their faith, Catholics can start a new beginning, a closer relationship with God, gaining strength from the Bible and from those who reflect Christ’s presence.

As you begin this season of self-exploration, we ask you to recommit to the home missions. By supporting Glenmary, you are deepening your connection to the Church and helping to grow the faith. By supporting Glenmary, you are making a difference in the rural counties we serve. Your support enables us to be the face of Jesus in the missions to everyone we encounter. 

Last year, Glenmary priests and brothers served in prisons, nursing homes and children’s homes. They baptized babies and comforted grieving families. They celebrated many great joys, including:

• Welcoming new members to the Church through RCIA

• Confirming numerous teenagers

• Repairing and renovating many homes

• Distributing food, firewood and financial support to those in need

In our missions, where the poverty level is high and resources are scarce, many people need more comprehensive care, care that meets both their material and spiritual needs. Your support allows Glenmary to extend its reach. 

In 2017, Glenmarians served people who:

• Had no indoor plumbing for more than 15 years

• Lived on the street for at least five years

• Struggled to repair their homes or feed their families

• Needed legal or financial assistance but could not obtain it

• Felt disconnected from their communities and church

It is gifts like yours that empower Glenmary to minister to the forgotten and downtrodden and to share the promise of Christ’s life, death and resurrection with the marginalized.  As you begin your Lenten reflection and recommit to your faith, we ask you to recommit to Glenmary. Return to us with all of your heart so that we can establish a Catholic presence in more rural communities throughout America, fund more outreach efforts and programs, operate our mission churches and spread God’s love to those in need. 

We pray that you have an enlightening, productive and blessed Lenten season as you prepare for the joyous resurrection of our Lord, and we thank you for your continued generosity and support.

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