Lay Professional Coworkers

Staff of Glenmary's Department of Pastoral Ministers and Pastoral Services help match lay professional ministers with leadership positions in Glenmary missions. Over 20 years ago Glenmary, with the help of lay ministers, developed a model of parish leadership that has been very successful and is an alternative to closing or merging parishes that do not have a resident priest-pastor. What follows is a brief description of each position and a summary of educational and professional ministry requirements.

Click here for a listing of lay professional ministry positions currently open in Glenmary missions.

Glenmary Pastoral Coordinators

These men and women start new Catholic churches in counties in the rural South where there has been no official Catholic presence. They also assume leadership of Catholic parishes that previously had Glenmary priest-pastors. Pastoral coordinators can be married, single or vowed religious. Appointed by the local bishop, they have responsibility for the growth and development of the parish community. Like all Glenmary missioners, pastoral coordinators are involved in ecumenism, evangelization and social outreach.

Requirements: a master's degree in theology, pastoral ministry or religious studies and at least three years of full-time parish experience, preferably in a rural setting. Glenmary provides orientation, supervision and a professional salary.

Glenmary Pastoral Associates

These men and women work with a Glenmary priest-pastor or pastoral coordinator to provide pastoral leadership and pastoral care. A Glenmary pastor or pastoral coordinator is often responsible for two or more missions in more than one county. He or she lives in the "base" church with a pastoral associate in one of the "satellite" churches. This full-time ministry relates to all aspects of parish life, but designated responsibilities can include liturgy, faith formation/development, administration and pastoral care as well as missionary outreach.

Requirements: a master's degree in theology, pastoral studies or related field and previous parish ministry experience, preferably in a rural setting. Glenmary provides orientation and a professional salary.

Glenmary Multicultural Workers

In response to the growing number of Spanish-speakers in rural America, Glenmary began in 1998 to search out men and women fluent in Spanish and familiar with Hispanic/Latino culture to join its home mission effort. Job descriptions vary depending on the particular mission area and its needs. Multicultural workers build bridges between cultures and reach out to serve the spiritual and material needs of Spanish-speaking immigrants and to draw them into the life of their new communities.

Requirements: a master's or bachelor's degree in theology; pastoral ministry, religious studies or certificate in ministry formation in the particular culture in which (s)he will be working; fluency in English and Spanish and some parish experience.

For more information about any of these ministry areas, contact Lorraine Vancamp or Liz Dudas, 501 Metroplex Dr., Suite 103, Nashville, TN 37211, 615.333.4484.